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Leverage my decades of experience and education steeped in advertising and marketing to elevate your copy and increase your sales.



Editing is a creative concentration and strategy that reinforces your credibility and underscores your expertise. I have written hundreds of blog posts, emails & taglines.


My empathetic approach to coaxing out your best work has helped numerous Fortune 500 brands and the highest-performing entrepreneurs to live their mission.

My Name Is Hilary L. Jastram

No matter the media, I craft memorable brand messages that get results. I’m an editor at The Good Men Project and a writer for other large media sites.

I love what I do, the people I work with, but I love my clients most of all. There is NOTHING like becoming a part of the story of a first-time author.

Every day, I wake up with gratitude in my heart and a desire to help writers.

Quillpower Blog

10 Steps to Self-Publish Your Book Like a Bestseller

Self-published books are springing up all over the place. If you are an entrepreneur, having a book under your belt can boost your income exponentially. Books are to business in the millennium what business cards were to professionals 20 years ago. In 2015, 727,000...

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Change Your Circle, Change Your Life

TODAY is a big one! So, naturally, I stayed up late and read A Child Called It. I devoured it because it was a triumph of the human spirit. I guess I am addicted to that sort of missive. Maybe it is why I surround myself with the people who believe they can do...

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What if You Could Be Addicted to What’s Good for You?

Your hyperfocus will propel you...farther than you ever imagined. I don’t gamble…and there was a time when I wouldn’t allow myself to even step foot in a casino. Once, when I was in my 20’s I went to the casino and I lost $600. In retrospect, $600 is and is not a lot...

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Sick Biz is an organization dedicated to providing support, resources, hacks, and hope to entrepreneurs affected by chronic illness, pain, disability, and sickness.

We are proud to work in conjunction with our sister company to better the lives of entrepreneurs in this very special demographic!

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