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There she goes, there she goes again…

I have been through divorces and there were some painful aspects to it. Mourning the loss of hope, the death of love, watching it fade away like scraps of paper twirling in the wind and then quickly out of sight. But to see my children in the door frame and then out. In a blink

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Stop Telling Me I Am Going to Get Better

    Since I received the diagnosis of my disease, transverse myelitis, I have been thrust into an alternate physical dimension. I remember the exact moment when I knew something was direly, direly wrong as if a switch on my old body had flipped into “sick mode.” I was naive enough not to have panicked as I…

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13 Indispensable Skills of Chronically Ill Entrepreneurs

Mindset is the conqueror of what ails you. Since finding success in the entrepreneurial world, I wanted to share the tips I wish I’d known before embarking on my entrepreneurial journey, the tips that allowed me to accomplish more than I thought I could. And that will help you to do the same.

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How to Live Like an Abundance Magnet

                  Half of you will hate this article. Because roughly half will be the pessimistic thinkers who believe that they are not participants in their own life. The glass-half-empty peeps will perhaps click on the title wanting to know the secret to unlocking the door blocking the…

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