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Why Self-Doubts Lead to Self-Sabotage in Business

Our thoughts DO become our actions. Change your thoughts, change your life.   There are two types of people I deal with on a daily basis, the people who are positive and persistent even their speech reflects this), and people who seem to hope for the best, but whose words trip up their chance at…

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Creating Positive Thought Leadership

It’s a movement, not a solitary adventure.   First, what the hell does that even mean? To the leader, at least, in the way that I have tried to reflect in my own life, leading has nothing to do with me. But it has everything to do with the person I am working with, be…

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Why There’s Always Opportunity in Chaos

Chaos has allowed me to grow, instigated chance meetings, and brought me some of my most cherished clients. When the boat rocks, our first instinct is to identify the cause of the turmoil. We look to correct it, assuming the instability is negative, is looming. That we will land ass over tea kettle soon enough.…

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Three Benefits to Bartering in Business

If you don’t have deep pockets, but you do have a dream, indulge in the beauty of the barter. Advice abounds when you are starting your own business. You must have a website with working links and everything, a blog page; you must manage your social media, become a writer, editor and graphic designer. You…

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5 Tools Parents Can Teach Their Children to Ensure Their Self-worth While Protecting Them Against Self-Loathers

You’ve had conversations with your children about bullies, but have you explained that a bully is at heart a self-loather? Sharing insight into better understanding and handling bullies teaches your child how to build their own self-worth. Have you ever tried to define your most important goal of parenting? When confronted with this question, it is possible…

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