Helping authors everywhere get published.

The face of the publishing industry is unrecognizable.

Gone are the days of landing a massive, movie-star-worthy book advance. The big publishing houses keep their doors closed except to their darlings who are their main breadwinners, the NYT bestselling authors, the Stephen Kings and Ryan Stewmans of the world.

Understandably self-publishing is all the rage and you might even consider it a dot-com of sorts. We are in the bubble and it is getting bigger with more and more people rushing to publish their books and reinforce their credibility as experts in their field.

We’ll help you with
Book editing basics
Manuscript content
Structural composition
Making money from a business book
Importance of category selection
Book coaching and developing your timeline
Team appointment and management
Formatting basics

That’s why J. Hill Marketing & Creative Services, Inc.’s latest division, Bookmark was created. We support writers who want to keep their intellectual property and put out professional-quality books to leverage their company or support a promo, and even to make a check next to that bucket list item.

At last count, we have helped authors to self-publish 100 books! Our team is comprised of specially trained editors and writers who have been leaders in their field for decades.

Having a book has become the new business card.

Hilary Jastram