Empower Through It was born as a result of observations, hard road testing, immersion, rebooting, reorienting, and more. It is the podcast that celebrates every human experience and urges you to stay awhile and see just what the heck am I supposed to do with pain, confusion, anxiety, self-doubt, and more? By embracing what we normally push away, you will live the resolutions you have wanted and, more importantly, the freakin’ road map that has seemed just out of grasp. One of the most helpful actions you can take in life is to have a plan.

Being unapologetically human and learning out loud is how we shape our lives and directions. It’s critical to stay awhile in the teaching moments of our existence to get where we want to go. 

This week was the maiden voyage of Empower Through It. We gave our self-talk a little self-love and discussed some of the following, but there’s more. The goal is to provide you with nuggets you can take with you and use to help you better navigate the inevitable snags that can trip you up. 

On the agenda:

  1. Why we need to make our healthy self-talk voice the loudest voice to drown out the opinions of others. What does it matter what other people have to say about our very personal lives anyway? We are the gatekeepers to our spirits.
  2. What to do when your self-talk is out of control and acting more like a train wreck.
  3. Self-talk requires daily maintenance to ensure you are nimble in responding to the negativity that can come up and strike you! 

Listen for the fun bonus action you can take that will crack you up and fill you with self-love <3 Plus, a whole bunch of other tips! xo

Remember, as you walk your journey, commit to feeling then healing. You’ll be astounded at how this will enrich your human experience.

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Then … have faith that no matter what life dishes out, you can Empower Through It.

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