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Copywriting is the core factor in any media that drives your clients and readers to take action. At the heart of every message lies emotional motivation. It has been this way since humankind learned to write. Storytelling within your brand and through the books you write and share holds the power to move minds.

Leverage my decades of experience and education steeped in advertising and marketing to elevate your copy and increase your sales. Your brand voice, your cadence, your style all contribute to the strengthening of your business and story. Are you ready to smash your marketing objectives and readership aspirations? Are you ready to unveil the authentic you to your followers and readers? Let’s make a plan to reach your goals today.


Editing is a creative concentration and strategy that reinforces your credibility and underscores your expertise. I have written hundreds of blog posts, emails, taglines, digital content in any and every capacity, and edited thousands more of these works. My clients continually rise through the clutter of constant competition because they are memorable in their own right, and they allow me to polish and perfect their words.

What are you putting out to your followers? Are you building up your brand and story every time you publicly share your message? Each meme and social media post, every last digital missive is an opportunity to bolster your brand, to encourage brand ambassadors and delight your readers. It’s also a chance to fatten up your bottom line. I’d love to help you be your best! Contact me to have a conversation today!


We all need coaches at distinct points in our lives. We all have moments when we feel as though we are paddling without direction. Maybe you can’t quite grasp your ideal execution of how to tell your story? Or you need a hand in structuring what you’re trying to say? These are all very common emotions that people experience. My empathetic approach to coaxing out your best work has helped numerous Fortune 500 brands and the highest-performing entrepreneurs to live their mission.

As an author of hundreds of articles espousing exactly these tenets, I will help you unblock your creative dams to get your passionate purpose flowing again. What you believe about yourself and your unique talents may not be true. Send me an email or give me a call and we’ll uncover the real creative you, the force you know yourself to be, who just needs a little assistance to get there.

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Hilary is phenomenal!! Her ability to jump in and create something beautiful is second to none. We are absolutely thrilled with her work and look forward to many more projects with her!

Ryan Stewman

CEO, Hardcore Closer

Hilary is hard-working & pays attention to detail. I’ve worked with her on numerous occasions and can testify to the quality of her writing & editing services (yes, she’s a unicorn!)

Christina Boyes

Founder, Rusmexus Writers

I had the vision to write a book, without Hilary it was just an idea. My story doubled with her asking specific questions and helping me find my voice. Thank you, Hilary!

Ryan Chapman

Owner, Nationwide Mortgage & Realty

“Working with Hilary has been one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had as a writer. She has an innate ability to reach into depths of a writer and constantly pull out more and more.”

Dr. Matt Motil

Founder, Marie Paul Co.

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