The Insidious Danger of the Scarcity Mindset

The Insidious Danger of the Scarcity Mindset

It’s time to wield the sword of conscious compassion in the battle of the scarcity mindset…in business, in family, in LIFE. It’s time to recapture what is rightfully ours, the belief we are valuable people.

It creeps on you…the scarcity mindset. Your words form from its lush black depths, it coils into your brain and shoots out of your mouth, becomes your thoughts, veers your direction before you even see it coming. It’s a chameleon hunkering in the shadows, and when doubt forms in your fathomless recesses, you hear it…in the tones of your voice. It takes over your accountability, makes hope in yourself fade to a tattered whisper.

I hear people gripped in its talons. “Why doesn’t he like me?” Because you fear you have scarce value. “Why won’t the client sign?” Because some leading part of your communication is drowning in scarcity, is coaxing the outcome to failure…this happens when you think you are not worth much.

Definitely not a catch.